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Fire Sprinkler Pressure Gauges

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Ensure that Fire Sprinklers Work When Needed with U.S. Gauge

HORSHAM, USA – Office buildings, college dorms, shopping malls, and basically any building housing groups of people contain a fire sprinkler system designed to automatically suppress flames before the fire grows out of control. Maintaining the correct pressure level is essential to assuring a working system. Pressure gauges are used to give inspectors and maintenance personnel quick visual indication that the line pressure, which may be air or water, is adequate. As the first line in fire protection in the case of an emergency, builders should pay close attention to the gauge that they trust this important job to.

AMETEK STC has a solution in its U.S. Gauge Model 1590 line of specially designed sprinkler gauges. They have a dry model for the sprinkler head side of the valve to monitor the air pressure, but it will also accept a 250 psi burst of water pressure. The wet version is used on the water side of the valve to measure the source pressure. A third model is designed for both wet and dry use, with both indicated on the dial.

Because the information provided by these gauges is essential to saving property and even human life, sprinkler gauges must have special certifications assuring their quality and reliability. The National Fire Protection Agency requires that sprinkler gauges contain both Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual System (FM) approvals. All versions of the Model 1590 are FM and UL approved and include the manufacture year printed on the dial. As sprinkler gauges require replacement every five years, having the date on the dial make it much easier to plan replacements at the appropriate time.

The gauges are 3.5 inches and feature 3-2-3% accuracy. All Model 1590 ship from the U.S. Gauge Distribution Center in Michigan and are in stock for immediate shipment. U.S. Gauge also offers private labeling options for the sprinkler gauges. Please see their website for details:

About U.S. Gauge
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