Drexelbrook IntelliPoint Series with SIL2 Certification

Thursday, March 1, 2018

AMETEK Drexelbrook, a world leader in level measurement technology, has expanded its point level offering with a fully certified SIL2 safety point level switch that provides highly reliable overfill protection, specifically designed for applications in which there is a high cost of failure.

The Drexelbrook Safety IntelliPoint RF represents a significant advance in RF admittance reliability that addresses applications requiring safety instrumented functionality (SIF). The SIL IntelliPoint offers a full line of measurement probes to fit any process application where Safety Overfill Protection is required. This premium point level switch was designed to perform in the most challenging operating environments with extreme reliability while meeting API 2350 Overfill Protection Standards.

The IntelliPoint RF level transmitter’s range of features and functions make it suitable for use in safety-related systems with requirements for functional safety for SIL2 (SIL3 with redundant switch). It is certified in accordance with IEC61508-2 and has worldwide hazardous area approvals (FM, FMc, ATEX and IECEX-Pending).

The Safety IntelliPoint RF transmitter utilizes state-of-the-art electronics and features built-in Auto Verify™ circuitry that continually self-tests the complete system. If a fault is detected, the IntelliPoint Auto Verify alerts plant personnel. It also has a Manual Certify Test that checks that the Auto Verify circuits are operating and confirms that probes and cables are properly connected.

In addition, no calibration or setpoint adjustments are required. Users simply install the IntelliPoint RF into the tank and apply power. Unlike other RF or capacitance systems that require calibration, the IntelliPoint RF reliably detects the absence or presence of material without any adjustments.

IntelliPoint’s electronics sense changes in the probe that simulate contact with the media or a floating roof, providing users with a method to ensure proper working performance without having to climb into the tank, and it automatically recognizes and ignores coatings to prevent false alarms.

The transmitter’s dual compartment housing separates customer wiring from the sensing element and operating circuits, and its encapsulated power supply/terminal block design eliminates the possibility of damage caused by moisture in the conduit.