JofraCloud - Remote Operation of the RTC/PTC

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

We are proud to announce the launch of JofraCloud, our new web-based product for remote operation of any PTC or RTC series temperature calibrator. 

With JofraCloud, our customers can now control and communicate with up to 5 calibrators simultaneously from any device with a web browser (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). This can result in considerable efficiency and time savings in addition to improved safety. 

Main JofraCloud features:

  • Define setpoints, and start/stop the calibrator remotely
  • Receive stability notifications by e-mail or by an audible alert
  • Generate an on-demand, time-stamped pdf report
  • Secure, encrypted data communication using a reputed cloud service provider
  • Initial set-up requires physical access to the calibrator, assuring that only authorized personnel may have access

Efficiency, Time and Safety: 
  • For loop/line calibrations one technician can now simultaneously take the reference read-out of the calibrator and the UUT values on a control panel or on a SCADA in a control room.
  • In difficult, restricted, or dangerous sensor locations, the temperature calibrator now only needs to be accessed for set up and finish.
  • When completing multiple calibrations on-site, the user can remotely track of up to 5 calibrators at once, removing any "wait" time.

The JofraCloud 3G gateway comes ready out of the box with a 12-month data suscription, which can be renewed 12 months after the user activates their account.