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Shape Your Future with AMETEK STC

AMETEK STC is a global company with a professional, progressive culture, and friendly, collaborative atmosphere. 

Our world-class products are developed and manufactured at four Centers of Excellence, based in the United States and Denmark, at facilities with dynamic processes that we are ever improving. Additionally, we have sales offices based in China, Singapore, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. So while our work environments are diverse and international, they all retain an individual, local flavor.

AMETEK STC has long been a pioneer and industry leader because of its skilled and motivated workforce. We believe that all employees are of equal value, and we believe in developing and encouraging their individual talents. This is why employees stay with us for many years; even decades.
Working at AMETEK STC presents daily opportunities for learning. We are a dynamic company, and change and adapt as the world changes. Our employees are continuously challenged to develop and hone their skill sets, keeping up to date with the latest trends to stay in front of the competition, and to help our customers thrive and innovate. As a colleague at AMETEK STC, you will be surrounded by some of the best experts in their fields, in a culture where everyone who shows a willingness to learn and to grow will get a chance to do so. We have operated this way for almost 100 years, and it has been pivotal to fulfilling our mission: helping our customers shape the future.   

Who Are You
At AMETEK STC we are always looking for new, talented colleagues who can contribute to our company’s further growth and development. We offer a vast array of employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets. Whether you’re a newly graduated engineer, a seasoned sales manager, a hardcore software designer, a financial expert, or simply good with your hands and enjoy the challenges that assembly and manufacturing offer, there may be a place for you at AMETEK STC. Most important to us is that you:

- Are skilled in your field.
- Are persistent, curious, and willing to learn from your experiences.
- Have a positive, go-getter attitude.

If you are all this, and open to new challenges, are enthusiastic, cheerful, and ready to go to work, then apply for one of our open positions and let’s shape the future together! You will find the open positions here. 

Curious to learn more about how it is to work at AMETEK STC?
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