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How Our Products Help Our Customers Protect the Environment

Our pressure and temperature measurement products are used within a wide range of industries where they help our customers to sustainable solutions that benefit their business as well as the environment. Below are a few examples out of the many solutions we provide globally every single day:

Supporting the Fast-Growing Wind Industry

One of the fastest worldwide energy industries is wind power. Wind farms, consisting of multiple wind turbines, are a renewable energy source, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Hydraulic systems play a crucial role in turbine efficiency by controlling various factors with pressure transducers and pressure switches. Technicians use our HPC40 calibrator to test the pressure transducers and switches to keep them in optimal performance. Read the application note here

Maintaining Critical Steam Temperature
Ensuring that steam turbines run at maximum efficiency is directly dependent on the steam's temperature entering the turbine. Higher steam temperatures mean higher efficiency and lower emissions. With a highly controlled temperature, the turbine can produce more power with the same amount of fuel. Our RTC Series with the DLC sensor provides an accurate, uniform temperature up to 700°C to test and calibrate sensors to keep turbines at maximum efficiency. Read the application note here

Reduce Battery Usage in Logging Equipment
Recording of pressure data, or data logging, is increasingly becoming a requirement of many companies. While pressure recorders can differ in many ways, including accuracy, features, ease of use, and recording space, one thing that all field recorders have in common is batteries. We offer a unique solution with the Ultra-Low Power Mode of the XP2i. The XP2i with the DataLogger upgrade will record pressure for over one year with just four AA batteries. Read the application note here

Fewer Batteries = Less Waste
As many companies switch from analog to digital for their permanently mounted pressure gauges, one of the downsides is the increased use of batteries. We were aware of this issue and decided to address it with our m1 digital pressure gauge. The m1 features a selectable update rate that allows the gauge to "sleep" between taking readings. This feature extends the battery life to 30,000 hours or over three years. 

Reduced Calibration Requirements Lower CO2 Emissions
The calibration status for shipboard equipment is highly controlled, as companies can't afford the equipment to pass its due date while at sea. While docked, they schedule companies to drive in to test and calibrate their instruments. Our JOFRA MTC temperature calibrator and Crystal m1 pressure gauge feature three-year calibration intervals. Extending the calibration cycle from the standard one-year term to an extended three-year period reduces the CO2 emissions from calibration service trucks by 67%. 

Remote Calibrations Reduce Emissions
For large companies with multiple items that need temperature calibration, technicians often spend hours in their trucks driving from location to location to complete these calibrations. With our JofraCloud remote software, a single technician can control up to 5 temperature calibrators via their web browser. This eliminates the need to drive anywhere, significantly decreasing their carbon footprint.