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Health & Safety

We believe that everyone deserves a good life, and the wellbeing of people of all ages is a value we cherish and strive to practice everyday at AMETEK STC.


We support LykkeLiga, the world’s happiest national handball team. LykkeLiga is a Danish organization of local handball teams for children with developmental disabilities. They focus on positive experiences and new friendships through sports, movement, and social engagement. LykkeLiga recently founded a national handball team and is currently working to spread their concept to other countries including Germany, Norway, and Croatia.

Eagle Eye Mobile

Philadelphia Eagles Eye Mobile
We believe in diversity and that talent comes from many places. To that end, we actively support the education of children and young adults (see the page Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion for more information). For some children, an obstacle to reading can be as simple as the need for a pair of glasses. As some families are unable to afford glasses, we support Vision To Learn’s partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles Eye Mobile. The Eye Mobile provides free eye exams and glasses to under-served students in the Philadelphia region, home of our Horsham Center of Excellence and AMETEK Inc. Corporate Headquarters.